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Feb 17, 2013 11:35pm EST
sit and talk. let's play a game. debra: ok, what does everybody want to play? well, how about scruples? no, we don't have that one, robert. i gave it to you for christmas 2 years ago. oh, yes scruples! here it is. you remember this, ray? yeah, the one the box. yeah. yeah. let's play this. we love this. the shrink wrap is still on it. "oh gee, thanks, robert, thanks for the gift. you have such great taste." you got to get rid of the shrink wrap to play one of the-- [babbles] come on, robert. no, no. i'm fine. let's just play, shall we? ok. "give each player 5 red cards." what are you doing? i'm reading the rules. just play! give each player 5 red cards. "each red card has a moral question on it, for example: 'you are hungry and broke. do you steal food?'" your family wants to play a game. do you set yourself on fire to get out of it? "give each player a blue card with a yes or no answer." ok, let me do that 'cause i'm good at cards. ok. "you take turns posing a question to another player." [pretend snoring] "if another player's answer matches your answer card, "then you get to d
Feb 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >> people fed up with youth violence are speaking out tonight. debra is live in forestville to explain. debra. >> this event is organized by several radio stations and calling this a state of emergency. after basically six prince georges county public school students were murdered within six months, people here at this town hall moting tonight say this is absolutely an emergency meeting. again, it is going to be from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight and it is organized by several radio stations. they are expecting 500 people to pack the instituteland recreation center in forestville and it is organized by the radio one washington family. that's 93.9, wkyf, and several other stations. an opportunity for people who live here to talk to the real players who have real muscle in ending this violence. leaders from prince georges county like police chief, mark mcgaw, and walter kirkland. listen in. >> i'm sorry, it sounds like we're having a problem with that sound bite. i talked to a couple different people here and they say what they want to do is end this violence. there's a lot of things that ever
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
expected this nightmare. debra and john join us by phone from the cruise ship. debra, what's it been like? >> exciting. it's been an adventure for sure, definitely an adventure. >> greta: have you ever felt that you were at risk? were you scared? >> no, never, never, it's-- the crew put up, did a great job keeping us informed and, no, i did not feel scared. >> greta: bob, i understand that you brought a flashlight. one of the few who had a flashlight? >> i actually had three. >> greta: so, i guess you're pretty popular on that ship, bob? >> we were. we were. (laughter) >> debra, was your cabin flooded at some point, debra? >> it drained out and we just went and-- (inaudibl (inaudible). >> greta: well, you're going in and out. obviously cell problems a lot of people had. bob, i don't know if you can hear me, but curious to describe to me what it's been like for you. um (inaudible). >> greta: i think we've lost debra and bob, but they'll be at shore shortly, hopefully, we're now of course getting a closer look at some of the unbelievable scenes aboard this ship. sun decks turned into makes
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am PST
then gift to reinvest into the community. >> i love that and tell us about the honorees. >> debra flint. the director of the port of oakland. >> start with this. who is this? >> that is barbara williams. we love her. she's the director of global inclusion for all. >> and the award? >> she's receiving the corporate award and, more importantly, she's also one of our noted members and we vote on it, but she's a wonderful recipient this year. >> great. >> and who do we have next? this is -- . >> debra flynt. >> debra flint. wonderful. >> yes. >> and we'll keep going to meet some of the fabulous ladies. this is -- . >> and. >> gina wolfy, who is going to be receiving the advocacy award. she gets a lot of work in the financial literacy. >> beautiful. beautiful. and let's so who is up next? >> this is -- . >> that is renee griffin. rg and associates. she's receiving the entrepreneurial award. >> wonderful. >> and okay. i love her hair. love it. and this is ranell. >> they all know ranell. >> the voice of the san francisco giants. >> what a great voice show is. >> yes. >> what a great choice an
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
debra alfarone got the results of the "u.s.a. today" ad meters. >> reporter: forget the battle of the super bowl, it's the battle ever the super model. now that i've got your attention, do you know which 2013 super bowl commercial ended up on top? there's only one real ranking, "u.s.a. today"'s ad meter. could i please stop standing next to these two? i'll show thu year's best and worst in a minute but first a little history. u.s. d.a. has been -- "u.s.a. today" has within ramping the ads for 25 years. this year thousands rated them online. remember this one? >> we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: that was the first champ, an ad for american express in 1989. since then these have ranked big. >> humorous ads, entertaining ads, anything that's a little bit over the top or buzz worthy tend to do well. celebrities, animals, babies all do well. >> reporter: will they this year? well, first the bad. >> together they're perfect. >> reporter: this one people didn't like. now the top three. number three. >> god made a farmer. >> reporter: the farmer, an ad for dodge ram. number
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
dating can be tricky, but stick around, because our debra alfarone has five tips to help you get a date by valentine's day, deb. she's going to help you. she's doing a live chat right now on our website. >>> how much salt did you have today? if you're like most americans the answer is too much. next we'll tell you the changes some companies are making. they want you to live longer and eat a little less salt. >> meteorologist topper shutt. a light jacket, sunglasses will take care of you. temperatures 36 to 44. 36 to 42 at 7:00. only 40 to 45 at 9:00. so not that cold of a start. we'll come back, talk about the finish and we'll talk >>> some breaking news out of north korea p. a u.n. diplomat says north korea just conducted a nuclear test. the u.s. geological survey says it's detected a 4.9 earthquake in north korea and that could indicate such a test. they've been vowing to test long range rockets in defiance of u.n. sanctions. >>> a new study confirms what we've known for a long time. we eat too much salt. package and restaurant foods are to blame for almost 80% of the salt in our die
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
to stop the violence before it starts up again. debra alfarone sat in a packed state of emergency town hall meeting tonight. >> reporter: 350 people came here to the suitland community center tonight to talk about ways to stop the violence that's been plaguing prince george's county streets. >> today i'm hoping that at the end of this conversation. >> reporter: when a town hall meeting is standing room only, the problem has hit home. after a senseless and bloody few months, these hundreds of people and these leaders hope the tipping point has come. >> we've had an increase of 300% in crime solver tips. that's tree 34e7b did you say. >> reporter: radio 1 includes several stations that organized this. >> now be more respectful. >> reporter: radio personality and actor glover has been shot himself. his son even shot for his shoes. >> just let them know if you're at the bus stop and somebody comes up, you can always get a pair of tennis shoes and jacket again, but you can't get your life again. >> let's support our pto and parents. >> reporter: tiffany white is an educator at a prince geor
Feb 26, 2013 4:30am EST
wants to stop the violence before it starts. debra alfarone was there. >> reporter: 350 people came here to the suitland community center tonight to talk about ways to stop the violence that's been plaguing prince george's county streets. >> today i'm hoping at the end of this conversation... >> reporter: when a town hall meeting is standing room only, the problem has hit home. after a senseless and bloody few months, these hundreds of people and these leaders hope the tipping point has come. >> we have had an increase of 300% in crime solver tips and that's tremendous. >> reporter: several radio stations organized this. radio personality and actor ann juan glover -- anjuan glover has been shot himself. tiffany white is an educator at a prince george's county middle school. >> we need to do intervention now to make sure they don't drop out of high school. i came to the school three years ago and some of the kids that i see when i first started have dropped out already. >> reporter: she says everyone plays a part. >> this is a caring community. it is. and our resolve grows stronger every
Feb 9, 2013 11:00am PST
no reports whatsoever of stolen vehicles here in the big bear area, debra. >> you know, it's interesting. i spoke to a source yesterday who said there was some indication ta dorner had sort of circled back to head into the village. clearly police right now working under the assumption that he's still in the area. but for all they know, he could easily be back on his way to los angeles, noing? >> reporter: absolutely. we pressed the authorities on that notion of him doubling back on his tracks. and they say no way. in fact, the san bernardino sheriff himself, mr. mcmahon had said he thought they lost the trail because they got into icy conditions. it's easier to track in soft or fresh snow. now, as for where he could be, not only could he be in los angeles, given the lead time that he had from when he was last seen in riverside, california, he had a very long time to where he could have easily gone into nevada, he could have tried to make a run for the mexican border. he could have gone north. so it's anybody's guess right now where dorner is. of course, the last real sign they had of him wa
Feb 6, 2013 4:30pm PST
, as long as you are willing to pay the price. thestreet's debra borchardt has more. >> reporter: it's no secret that americans are fighting a losing battle with their waistlines. as a result, many want to eat healthier, but simply don't have the time to shop and cook. it's no wonder consumers are turning more and more to companies that deliver or stock meals to be picked up. so much so, that the meal replacement market has swelled to a $2 billion business. >> we're trying to make a product line that's for people that are on the go. and the more you can cater to that, as busy as working couples are today, it's a big benefit. we see our revenue growth is 19%-20%. so were seeing a huge trend in that. bars are one of our biggest sellers. the meal replacement industry is growing quickly. the food may be expensive, but it's seen as cheaper than pills oreighlossenters like ight watchers. there are several large entrenched players like medifast and slim-fast, but new, smaller regional companies like snap kitchen out of austin, texas are quickly establishing themselves as competitors. >> so
Feb 25, 2013 4:30pm PST
are getting tougher. tonight's "word on the street" is: homuilder. debra borchardt is markets analyst with the >> deborah is the home building stock rally over. >> no i really don't believe so although what i would say is some of the names are a little bit overbought. and that they have seen this rally and they've really made some big moves. and so what i really did was try to take a look at some of the home builder names that are fairly new to the market, names that people aren't as family with and don't really have a lot of analyst coverage so there might still be some room to play. >> the headline members here lennar, kb ho, pulte group but one of the new ones is tri-point homes, tpa the ticker, became the first home builder with an ipo in almost a decade earlier this year, $17 a share, it's above that today. what do you make of tph. >> when you look at the numbers, it was almost shocking because i thought are you kidding me? a home builder in california. that was ground zero for toxic mortgages. and i was a skeptic going in. but i looked at the numbers and i was really
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
boost to businesses but one local company took a big hit. >> they're pretty happy about this. debra alfarone tells us the story of how 600 baltimore ravens fans might be sitting on brand-new living room furniture tonight watching this story. >> look at him go. past the 50. >> reporter: how does this. >> inside the 20, what a kickoff return, 109 yards and a touchdown. >> reporter: turn into this? again, an end zone dance into end tables for everyone? gardeners furniture, a baltimore based family owned furniture chain is giving away more than a half million dollars worth of couches to coffee tables. before you run for the door, there's a catch. >> the deal was you had to come in thursday, friday, saturday or sunday and we cut it off at 3:00. >> reporter: that's gary molini. if the ravens one back either the opening kickoff or the second half kickoff for a touchdown, they'll let you have it for free as a promotion. it's not just the ravens winners. 624 customers are, too. >> i don't think anybody, including myself, expected jacobe jones to run back the kickoff, but not only that, the r
Feb 5, 2013 4:30am EST
's the kicker. they're actually happy about it. debra alfarone tells us about the store and how 600 baltimore ravens fans might be sitting in a brand new living room for free. >> past the 50. >> reporter: how does this. >> inside the 20. a kickoff return, 109 yards and a touchdown. >> reporter: turn into this? again, an end zone dance into end tables for everyone? gardner's furniture, a baltimore-based family-owned furniture chain is giving away more than a half million dollars of couches and coffee tables. but there's a catch. >> you had to come in thursday, friday, saturday or sunday and we cut it off at 3:00. >> reporter: that's gary. his uncle started the store 72 years ago but the last three they've run a promotion. if the ravens run back either the opening kickoff or the second half kickoff for a touchdown, they'll let you have it for free. it's not just the ravens who are winners. 624 customers are too. >> i don't thing anybody included myself expected kobe jones to run back the kickoff. not only that, the ravens won the game too which was the icing on the cake. >> reporter: you might
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
to a lesbian cup and will now he is being sued for child support? we had questions for this, so we spent debra to a local sperm bank to find out what you need to know before you >>> it was the kind of news story that makes you say, huh? a kansas man that donated sperm is now being slapped with child support. >> this story generated tons of questions, so we sent debra to get some answers. i'm hoping you got some. >> i definitely have a few. william of topeka, kansas, answered a craigslist ad and donated sperm to a lesbian couple. fast forward, that couple is no longer together, they filed for welfare and the state hits up him for money. if you are left scratching your head, we went to one of the top sperm banks for answers. >> what's the biggest misconception about that whole news story in kansas? >> that it was a donor that came from a sperm bank. >> if you were as shocked as many were to hear about the state of kansas going after a sperm donor for child support, know this donor turned dad didn't donate through what you might think of, when you think of a sperm bank. after answering a cr
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
neighbors thought, so we invited some of them to the station for a focus group tonight. and debra alfarone watched the address with them. so deb, what did they thin ? >> reporter: leslie, we had a diverse group. some are working government jobs. some unemployed. dads, moms, resent grads -- recent grads. everyone is affected. everyone who came to watch had an opinion. >> the president of the united states. thank you. >> tell me your name. >> reporter: wusa 9 invited 16 people to watch and react to tonight's state of the union, from defense contractors to small business owners to union bosses to a vet and college grad they listened intently making notes, then we gave them the mike. >> i think it's great he's going to try to work with the republicans, but boehner can't control his party. >> i think the most inspirational part was when he talked about the children, newtown, the whole issue about gun control. i think that needed to get resolved. >> i think it was important he shifted back to the economy. but like many probably here, my concern is with the 113th congress, with the trickle down
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
,000 block of 28th avenue in hill crest heights just after school. our debra alfarone is there. what do you know? >> reporter: at this point, we only have the barest of details. we do know this is 15-year-old teen we're talking about, a young man found right behind me in the street. he went to suitland high school. police are searching right now for the person who took his life. we know this marks the fifth violent death of a teen in prince george's county this school year. let's take a look at some video shot earlier today. here's what it looked like in the 4000 block of 28th avenue. police got a call around 4:00 this afternoon of a man down. they got there and found the teen on the ground. he died at the hospital not long after. cops will not release his name. they only say the victim lived around here. they also won't show if the teen was shot. they only say he had trauma to his upper body and they will say they are searching for a suspect. >> the investigators do have some leads that they're working. nothing that they want to share with the media just yet, but they do have some leads.
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
are looking into a string of safety incidents. debra hersman chaired the u.s. national transportation safety board. she said a lithium ion battery sparked a fire on a jet in boston. >> this investigation has demonstrated that a short circuit in a single cell can propagate to adjacent cells and result in smoke and fire. >> engineers packaged eight cells together in designing the battery system for the dreamliner. hersman said they didn't place them far enough apart so trouble in one could affect the others. they have not determined why the batteries short circuiteded. another battery fire forced the pilot of an all nipon airways pilot to make an emergency landing in japan. u.s. authorities grounded all 787s. officials at boeing said the batteries were likely to cause smoke only once in every 10 million flight hours. >>> japan's government will look at russia's intent after the air space violation by russian war plane. two russian war planes briefly entered japanese air space. officials launched a protest with russian authorities. the russian defense ministry denied the claim saying there was
Feb 27, 2013 11:00pm PST
>> as cofounder, debra elston worked closely with the department and said butler was a hardworking detective and mother. >> pretty special mom and the detective department is pretty special. they are doing things so serious and they all seem to have a good sense of humor. >> dozens of people wrote letters to officers and families. 10-year-old sofia thanked them for helping the community. >> i'm feeling kind of sad because, well, it wasn't even their fault. they just thought they were going to be on an everyday call. >> the reality of losing two officers sinks in, santa is coming together to grieve. >> they take care of us and this is our time to wrap our arms around them as well. >> details about the services are expected to be released as early as tomorrow. live in santa cruz, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. george kiriyama has the first responder who is found themselves caught in the crossfire themselves. >> the the police officers were not the only ones who were in harm's way. the firefighters who responded to the scene found themselves in the middle of gunfire and this r
Feb 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
there. because i spent 10 years of my childhood there. and it was a lot of fun. >> reporter: debra shaw reporting in san diego. >>> still to come on a second look -- >> we had no idea that it would end up like this we didn't know where they were going. who was going to adopt them. >> reporter: rescued from vietnam at the end of the war and adopted in america and other countries. 30 years later they return to the land of their birth. >>> and a bay area reporter remembers the day saigon fell and what it took for him to get out safely. >>> tonight on a second look we revisit the vietnam war and the fall out for those who were there when saigon fell to communist forces from new york. among them dozens of children who became part of a frantic baby lift to get them out of vietnam and to the united states and other countries where they could be adopted. in 2005, janine de la vega met some of those children now grown up as they headed back to vietnam. >> they waited anxiously inside a hanger at oakland airport this morning wondering what to expect. many years have passed since an airplane arri
Feb 7, 2013 1:00am PST
hillis is hereby reused. >> good afternoon, president fong, members of the commission, i'm debra dwire, planning department staff, the item before you is the certification of an eir for the proposed 801 gran nan street and 1 henry adams street, it would include demolition to have concourse exhibition hall and demolition of three existing commercial industrial building on the 1 henry adams site, there would be two mixed use and residential use alt the 1 henry adams site, they would be 68 feet tall, the eastern most portion would be a partial fulfillment of the inclusionary housing requirements. up to 150 units of affordable housing would be constructed on that portion of the 801 brannan site, there are three project variance proposed, variant 1 would include new construction of two mixed use and retail building on the 801 brannan site which variance 3 would also include two buildings on the 801 brannan site, but variance 1 and 2 would not change development on the 1 henry adams site from what is proposed on the project but would not include land dedication to the city. total development
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
laws that say all individuals should live in the community. debra follows the case that asks, who speaks for virginia? >> her name is virginia. she is 68 and cannot talk. she has been -- people have been fighting over where she should live and who makes that choice. >> don't you dare tell me where virginia needs to live. >> mary is her legal guardian. she met her and then became a companion to her father. he has fought -- died, but his daughter who was born healthy became severely disabled has 18 -- as a teenager back in 1961. when that institution closed in 1996, virginia was part of the massive wave of individuals who were de institutionalized. she was moved to this home. a dramatic shift in care, not embraced by all, including virginia pauses father. while others celebrated. >> what do you like about living here? >> more freedom. >> mary says, in virginia paz's case, that freedom has come with a price. she has long challenge the availability of medical services, staff training, saying virginia needs more. she has complained persistently. >> your goal is to get her back into an
Feb 18, 2013 3:30am PST
thought their direct there are -- showing that there is a recurrence of the beauty from debra countries and origins. >> i was 11 or 12 in a school that was mixed. there were boys and girls. there was one girl i remember that was coming from the french colony. she was in algeria and came back to france. she had a very white skin. very, very white with speckles? >> freckles. >> freckles. more glamorous. glittering. but she was glamorous for me, sparkles -- no, freckles. sorry, i cannot say. [laughter] but she has beautiful red hair, light afro type but red hair. to me, i was like, oh, my god, she is so beautiful. for me, if i want to be friends with someone that i admire, i have to be like him or her, cannot have the red hair. so i say, i also come from nigeria and i am like you. [laughter] i do not think she believed me so i was inventing names. anyway. so she influenced me. she had white skin. you could see her veins. she was very strange but beautiful for me. i was always attracted by different beauty that i saw everywhere. i remember some movies called guess who's coming to have dinne
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
to us from debra robinson. clear spring is west of hagerstown and west of the intersection of 81 and 70. this is a great picture. it's on a quiet road. and she says that it is, let's see. it is broad road. it runs from hagerstown to clear spring, maryland. gives you a feeling of going back in time. yes, i agree. please go to our website. click on the weather tab. upload your picture and include your name and location and perhaps a nice poetic description. >> like that one, thanks a lot, top. the mar rid lapd couple targeted we a cop killer speak out about their ordeal. up next, police investigate what sparked a wild shooting rampage in southern >>> right now, police are trying to figure out why a man went on a deadly shooting spree in southern california. three people were killed. three others injured before the gunman took his own life. it happened early this morning in orange county. the shooting spree lasted 25 minutes and moved from street to freeway. one person was killed inside a house in ladero ranch. the man started shooting at passing cars on the freeway. they also say he trie
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
. debra alfarone has what you need to know straight from a victim who's lived it. >> this guy didn't come on strong. like he didn't call me and talk about sex or running away. >> reporter: for more than half her life, holly austin smith has held a secret. >> everything changed for me. my whole life changed after that. >> reporter: holly says at 14 she was vulnerable, depressed. it was more than teenage angst. it was at the mall she met a man who would change her lifeforever. >> i just felt special he was calling me out of the crowd and connecting with me. >> reporter: they exchanged numbers and talked every other night for about two weeks. >> what kind of movies do i like? where do i want to go? what do i like to do? it was just a friendship. by the time he started pushing for me to run away, it sounded like a good idea. >> reporter: he promised to take her to a dance club. he took her to a motel in atlantic city. >> there was a woman in the motel room. she was very, very pretty, and he kind of handed me over to her and said, get her ready. >> they took her to the street and sold her body
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> lewis came to his wedding, that's a big deal. >> real heros in that movie were the heros that debra just told us about. incredible. >> absolutely. good movie. >> fantastic movie. daniel day lewis got into it. >> he is an incredible actor. wow. >> all right, the winter weather advisory has been expanded and we'll show you northwest, just a little bit of icing. you'll see the freezing drizzle falling. if it falls lightly, it has a chance to freeze, even though it's close to freezing. on railings and decks and patios. there you go. that's what happened here in northwest. do take it easy if you are trying to get the paper tomorrow morning. okay, take a live look outside to our michael and son weather cam. we're looking at temperatures 34 downtown. some light drizzle. dew point is 30, which means there is wiggle room. the temperature goes down a degree or two before the night is out. winds southeasterly and the pressure is falling at 30.25. and it is going to do that because we have another storm headed our way. this looks impressive. rain into east tennessee. this is going to race up, gi
Feb 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
to own a gun. that is at 11:00 tonight on wusa9 news. and debra says, she already knows what to expect. i've heard about this place. i have also heard it has a low crime rate. and margaret says, it's only common sense. if you know that i might have a gun on my person, you might reconsider shooting your gun around me. criminals know we cannot have guns, they will be able to use their guns to cheat, rob, and steal, or even kill. nancy brings a different attitude. i would not live there. i would sue if it violated my rights. i should be at liberty to pursue happiness without a gun and yes, folks, if i'm confronted by an armed individual, i would rather not have a gun to counter the attack. better i die than live with the guilt of taking another life. nancy, i was with you until the i'd rather die than take a life, business. would you rather be killed yourself? really? i bet your family would disagree. that's our broadcast. we'll be back tonight at 11:00 with that story we just mentioned. we'll see you >>> you watched the oscars. >> now only "e.t." is with all the stars inside the vanity fair
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 123 (some duplicates have been removed)